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The Outdoor Connection Center climbing wall is located in gymnasium 1 of the HPER building (second floor).  Completed in the Summer of 2014 and made by El Dorado Walls this 35 ft structure features multiple top rope anchors including access to lead climbing options.  The wall also boasts a vertical crack, a roof section, and a belay ledge. 


Only individuals with a valid UA student I.D., HPER members, or valid guest pass may use the Climbing Wall during operating hours and must show valid I.D. prior to each use.  All climbers, regardless of ability, must successfully complete the belay skills check to belay others. If you want to try climbing and do not have time for a belay clinic, our friendly staff will assist you. Orientation clinics and skills checks are valid for one academic calendar year.  All climbing wall instruction is created for indoor climbing only.

Children ages 5-14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Participants ages 15-17 that are not a UA student must be accompanied by an adult HPER member. Climbers must be at least 17 years of age to belay.

Climbing Equipment
All climbing equipment, including harnesses, belay devices and climbing shoes, are available for check-out at the Wall at no additional cost. All equipment is for use on the Climbing Wall only. Climbers are welcome to use their personal harness and shoes if approved by the Climbing Wall Supervisor on duty.

Belay Instruction
Belay clinics are to teach participants of a variety of experience levels the particular policies and required methods for safely belaying at our climbing wall. A belay clinic is NOT a certification course and is not intended to provide an adequate level of instruction for a climber to climb outside on their own. Upon completion of a belay clinic, participants must wait until the following day to complete a skills assessment.

Belay Assessment
Climbing Wall participants must successfully complete a belay skills assessment to belay other participants. Anyone who has completed a belay clinic or who has an adequate level of climbing experience and competence is eligible for a belay skills assessment. Belay skills assessments are valid beginning the day the assessment is completed until the following June. Belay skills assessments must be completed no earlier than one day after a participant completed their belay clinic.

Lead Climbing Clinic

This clinic is designed to educate participants on the practices and policies required for lead climbing at our indoor climbing wall, while also creating a general foundation climbers can take with them when they leave the clinic.  Topics covered in the clinic are proper communication, lead belaying, climbing and clipping techniques, falling, rope management, and risk mitigation. After completion of the course you will need to pass the lead climbing and belaying test in order to lead climb at the wall.

Kids Klimb (Ages 5-16)
Kids Klimb is a time for all the little climbers to have fun on the wall. Kids can now climb during normal operational hours! All equipment & instruction is provided. Parent or Guardian must be a student or HPER member). A Climbing Wall Waiver is required for each child prior to the climb and must be signed by a parent or gardian, who must be a current UA student or HPER member. Kids may now climb at no additional charge.

Climbing Wall Waiver
Adobe Acrobat Required
  1. The Climbing Wall may be used only when Climbing Wall Staff is present.
  2. Climbing Wall participants must successfully complete an orientation or skills check and sign a waiver of release each year before utilizing the Climbing Wall.
  3. The UREC staff reserves the right to ask participants to leave the facility at any time for unsafe or inappropriate behavior.
  4. Participants are required to properly use the ropes, carabiners and belay devices provided by the UREC department.
  5. Participants must use proper safety equipment when utilizing the climbing wall: Harnesses, shoes, and helmets are available for use at the wall. The Climbing Wall Staff must approve participants’ personal harnesses, shoes or helmets.
  6. For bouldering, a spotter is required at all times. When bouldering, the participant's hands cannot exceed the black line.
  7. Climbers must provide a belayer. Back up belayers are required until further authorization by the Climbing Wall Staff.
  8. Climber and Belayer harnesses must be doubled-backed at the waist and leg loop buckles.
  9. A belay device must be attached to the belayer’s harness by a locking carabiner (participants may not use their own belay devices).
  10. Participants must check the climber’s knot, harness and belay system prior to each climb.
  11. Proper climbing and belaying commands must be used at all times.
  12. Sandals, bare feet or socks are not permitted.
  13. For safety reasons, the wearing of jewelry is discouraged and hair should be pulled back.
  14. Loose chalk is not permitted on the wall; participants must have chalk balls in a chalk bag.
  15. Instruction is to be given by the Climbing Wall Staff only. Instruction is for indoor climbing use only and should not be substituted for outdoor climbing.



Page last updated: Wednesday, December 17, 2014